Product Description

DiTRONICS Compliance Core is the industry’s most robust, customizable, user friendly, on premise, web deployed Title 31 software of its kind. Vertically integrated with a broad portfolio of third-party applications spanning well beyond the traditional gaming floor. We have intentionally created the opportunity for your casino to build a custom platform to suit Your needs; from Sportsbook, to Tax Forms (mobile & desktop) through Revenue Audit processes. In adherence to Federal Anti-Money Laundering and BSA regulation, Compliance Core creates and provides the ability to consolidate all Audit, CTRs, SARs, W2Gs, 1099s, W9s, and more at the click of a button. The DiTRONICS Difference provides Your team with what They need when They need it! DiTRONICS is Your ONE-STOP-SHOP for all gaming needs.


  • Scan ID, photo, or SS document before, during, or after the transaction
  • Electronic logging for MTL, NIL, & BWL
  • Electronic tracking from start to finish on all CTR & SAR
  • Automatic creation of CTR’s & SAR’s
  • Automatically Creates & Stores W9’s
  • Auto entries from the NIL to MTL
  • Tracks known, unknown patrons & organizations
  • Automatically notifies user when unknown patron reaches to reporting level
  • OFAC check done with every transaction
  • 100% onsite & web driven; secure with no cloud activity
  • Custom analytics for SAR building reports
  • No add-on fee’s for functionality improvements
  • Updates are released simultaneously to every work station
  • Las Vegas based, 24/7 customer care center support
Title 31 Manager Software

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