Check Guarantee

DiTRONICS extensive casino patron check cashing database takes the risk out of check cashing. Via our proprietary check cashing database and industry specific algorithm. Our Check Cashing services are developed, owned and operated by DiTRONICS and we back it with a 100% check guarantee.

By partnering with DiTRONICS, your patrons are not subject to 3rd party provider limit restrictions. Thus, increasing overall cash to the floor by ensuring your patrons have access to their funds.


  • Limits in exccess of $50,000
  • Propritary auto-limit upgrade system based on patron check cashing history
  • Customizable Fee discounts based on player level
  • Simple interface with less than 60 second enrollment
  • Title 31 reporting & Alerting
  • Rolling 7 Calendar Day Window
  • Photo ID to Cash Check
  • Limit Increases Available 24/7
  • Personal, Payroll, Government & Other Checks
  • Fee Discounts Based on Player Level

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