Product Description

DiTRONICS ATMs provide your guests with unsurpassed convenience and ease of use. Our intuitive ATM services are provided on the Hyosung ATM hardware platform; known around the globe for its industry-leading reliability and ease of service. We offer a complete funds access solution that includes: installation, training and processing services, online reporting, technical support, maintenance and 24/7 support with our Customer Service Center. Our ATM services are available as a standalone service or wrapped into an All-In-One solution that allows patrons to easily initiate Credit or Debit POS cash advance transactions.

If your business is in need of an ATM, ATM Processing Cash Managemnt or ATM Service & Support, contact DiTRONICS today.


  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • PCI compliant
  • Online Transaction Reporting
  • Real-time monitoring & Support
  • Cash Advance
  • Digital Wallet Cash Card Withdrawals
  • EMV Compliant

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