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DFS 500 Kiosk

The DFS-500 Kiosk features exclusive patent pending technologies that offer endless configurability options with Check Express™, SMART Dispense™, Currency Exchange™, and JACKPOT Pay™; also performs standard operations such as ATM, Bill Break, and Ticket Redemption. This industrial strength ticket redemption kiosk can do it all. The DFS-500 Kiosk is not only eye-catching, it’s smart.

DFS 500 Kiosk
DiTRONICS ATMs provide patrons unsurpassed convenience and ease of use. Our intuitive ATM services are provided on the Hyosung ATM hardware platform, known around the globe for its industry-leading reliability and ease of service.
DiTRONICS Check Cashing platform takes the risk out of check cashing services. We currently accept a variety of check types: Personal, Payroll, Canadian and other check types that may include Tribal or Government checks.
DiTRONICS Cash Advance platform provides a fast and seamless funds access experience. Initiate both Credit and POS Debit transactions on our ATMs, Ticket Redemption Kiosks, or directly at the casino cage, cashier window or behind the bar.

DiTRONICS offers Dashboard on-demand that provides a comprehensive set of reports for reconciliation and auditing of Ticket Redemption Kiosk transactions including Cash Advance and ATM transactions all in one place. As a web-based application, it is easily accessible on any device with internet access.

DiTRONICS’ Cash Card offers an alternative to traditional cash payment and provides peace of mind to casino operators and players alike. Alleviate the need to carry cash by providing a seamless, cashless solution.

Title 31 Compliance Core is the leading software of its kind. Providing state of the art AML/BSA compliance solutions. It will automatically complete, file and archive forms required to comply with federal Title 31 Anti Money Laundering laws from start to finish.

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